Charlotte Connections

Can't decide between a peaceful, picturesque college campus and an action-packed big-city school? Then don't.

UNC Charlotte is located just 20 minutes north of Uptown Charlotte.

Charlotte is a quick (and free!) light rail ride away

  • We've never been more connected... the light rail stops right on our campus, and it's free for students!
  • Connect to the unique offering of performing arts, athletic events, festivals and other activities in the city.


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‚ÄčA unique academic culture

  • Where else can you learn from award-winning faculty on a self-contained campus, but be so connected to the benefits of a large, booming city?
  • Because we have relationships with so many businesses and industries in Charlotte, we create dozens of opportunities for you to connect with major employers through career fairs, networking events, and real-world projects.


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There's something for everyone in Charlotte

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