Applying for university scholarships

Apply for all university scholarships using the NinerScholars Portal. The NinerScholars Portal gives students access to more than 1,600 scholarships awarded by UNC Charlotte with one application, through one online system.

  • The admissions application is not used to determine scholarship recipients, nor does UNC Charlotte award scholarships to all incoming freshmen who meet minimum academic requirements. 

Follow these steps to get matched with scholarships in the NinerScholars Portal.

Applying for scholarships is simple.

Apply for Admission | You must wait for acceptance

  • Beginning in late October, admitted students can begin building their profile in the NinerScholars Portal. 

Build Your Profile | Update your profile each year

  • Building your scholarship profile is fast and easy. If you have received admission and are ready to begin building your scholarship profile, visit the University Scholarship Office website.

Get Matched | Customized to your profile

  • Once your profile is built, you’ll immediately be matched with scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. Then you decide which you want to apply for.

Apply for Scholarships | More than 1,600 awarded each year

  • The NinerScholars portal makes it easy to apply for all scholarships that you qualify for – in one place, with one application, through one online system.

Need Help?

  • If you have questions, contact the University Scholarship Office at 704.687.5871 or