Safety and Security

We take safety and security issues very seriously.

Campus walkways, parking lots and building doorways are well-lit and patrolled by the UNC Charlotte Police Department. Our police officers are certified by the State of North Carolina and have attended an extensive police-training program. They all have full police powers on campus, and are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in cars, on bicycles and on foot at various times. At least four police officers are always scheduled for patrol. All of our Officers are certified through in-service training on CPR/First-Aid and AED and the campus Police Department recently purchased 10 new Defibrillators to place in several patrol vehicles.

Covid-19 Response

The health and wellbeing of our campus community are our top priorities, and we will make decisions grounded in facts and informed by the guidance of public health experts. For ongoing University-related COVID-19 operational updates visit UNC Charlotte asks students, faculty, and staff to complete a daily screening called the Niner Health Check. It is intended to help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. It is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. UNC Charlotte also provides a dashboard with information to the community about the University‚Äôs COVID-19 tracking efforts.

Niner Alerts

Safety is a top priority for our students and the Niner Nation community. NinerAlerts are used to notify the campus community when an emergency, incident, or inclement weather may threaten safety and operations. NinerAlerts are sent using a variety of methods including email, text message, digital screen take-over, LiveSafe App, social media, and/or on-campus alert sirens. Students and families can sign up for NinerAlerts via email or opt-in text message. To learn more about NinerAlerts and campus safety operations, visit

Blue Light Emergency Phones

The UNC Charlotte Police can be reached from any of approximately 300 campus emergency blue light phones, and at least four police officers are always on patrol.

The UNC Charlotte Police can be summoned from any of 300 campus emergency blue light phones by simply pressing the emergency button, by dialing 911 from any campus telephone line or by calling 704-687-2200 from an off-campus phone or cellular phone. The Police Telecommunicators are authorized to dispatch police, fire, or emergency medical services immediately upon receiving a call for help. All emergency phone use will be followed up by police response or call back. These emergency phones can also be used for non-emergency usage such as: requests for safety escorts, to report suspicious persons or activities or to report any other problems or concerns while on campus.

Annual Security Report

The UNC Charlotte Annual Security Report is required of all universities by federal law and discusses crime statistics, procedures for reporting suspicious or criminal activity, security, police authority, crime prevention strategies, university policies on substance abuse and sexual offenses, workplace violence, and fire safety. You may request a hardcopy by sending an email to or by calling (704) 687-8300. For more information, please visit the UNC Charlotte Police & Public Safety website.

Campus Safety and Security Committee

The Campus Safety and Security Committee develops and implements an annual comprehensive plan to assure the physical safety and security of the main campus of UNC Charlotte. In addition to developing the plan and annually monitoring our progress in achieving its goals and objectives, the Committee advises the Chancellor on any recommended changes in campus policies or procedures that could assist in making the campus a safer and more secure environment for all. The Committee also identifies financial expenditures it believes are necessary to implement the major provisions of the plan.

The Student Government Association Annual Campus Safety Walk is an initiative of the Campus Safety and Security Committee. The Safety Walk involves faculty, staff, and students, who walk throughout campus to identify safety issues. Providing an avenue for students to have a voice in campus safety, this walk also allows the university to appropriately fund solutions to identified problems on campus.

Alcohol Policy

We realize that alcohol abuse is a major problem on college campuses today, and we know that you want your son or daughter to make intelligent decisions outside the classroom. UNC Charlotte holds its students to a high moral standard, and the university does everything in its power to battle problem drinking by educating students and providing alternative forms of entertainment.

Student Conduct

Take time together to review the two codes we enacted to govern student conduct: The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity and The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility. The University has also enacted a program for the prevention of the use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, as well as a policy for smoking on campus. All UNC Charlotte students are obligated to be familiar with these codes and to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards set forth.

Additionally, the Student Government Association has created a code called The Noble Niner that solidifies the high standard of morals, principles, and integrity that all students should strive to uphold to bolster the growing reputation of excellence at UNC Charlotte.