Application Requirements

Applying for Fall 2024 Admission

There’s no better time than now to become a 49er!

The following are REQUIRED for your application:

1. Complete and submit your online application.

​2. Pay the $75 application fee

3. Submit an official high school transcript.

  • High school transcripts must be mailed directly from the high school. Schools using Naviance, Scribbles, or CFNC may submit electronic transcripts through those electronic delivery systems. If you attended a high school outside the US, please refer to our international admissions webpage for submission guidelines.

4. Submit one required essay

  • If you are applying using the Common App, the essay prompts are located within the application and must be submitted when you apply. You may choose from these Common App essay prompts.
  • If you are applying by CFNC or the Future 49er Application, choose from one of these essay prompts. It is preferred that you upload it to the Future 49er Portal in the “Upload Materials” section. If you experience any issues uploading it in your portal, you may email it to
  • Review this page for information on how your essay will be used in the admission review process.

The following are OPTIONAL for 2024 and due by the document submission deadline.

We will consider many factors about your academic background, opportunities, accomplishments and activities – much of which is gathered from your application, transcript, and essay(s). You can decide to submit standardized test scores if you think they add something of value to our review, or you can choose not to submit them if you want us to focus more intently on your high school record and other supporting documents.

1. SAT or ACT test scores

  • For 2024 freshmen applicants, submitting the SAT or ACT is optional due to the limited testing opportunities caused by COVID-19.
  • Test scores, if submitted, will not be the primary reason for our admission decision; they are considered in context and as supplemental information.
  • You may provide self-reported ACT and SAT test scores on your application. Click here for more information about self-reported test scores.

2. Personal Statements or Recommendation Letters

  • While applicants are not required to submit additional materials beyond the application, high school transcript, and essay, we understand that some students may wish to submit supporting documentation such as letters of recommendation, personal statements, etc.
  • To ensure that any supporting documentation is received in time for review, it would be most helpful to have those documents submitted within two weeks of the application deadline. These documents may be uploaded to the Future 49er Portal under the “Upload Materials” section.

Please check your Future 49er Portal to ensure all documents have been received. The portal is updated in real-time.

Fall Admission Deadlines and Notifications:

*Transcripts, fee or fee waiver, essay, test scores (optional for 2024 applicants), and any other optional supporting documents must be received in the admissions office within two weeks of the application deadline (Nov. 15 / Feb 15) to receive a decision by the notification date. Deadlines that fall on a weekend will automatically be extended to 11:59pm on the following Monday.

**Decisions are not binding.

November 1January 30
February 1April 1
After February 1After April 1 on a rolling basis

Freshmen applying for Spring terms should apply no later than Nov. 1 and submit all documents by Nov. 15. Please apply through either the Future 49er Portal or CFNC for Freshmen Spring admission.

Additional Application Requirements for Majors: