Transfer Guides

The Transfer Guides below have been developed to help NC Community College (NCCC) transfer students select meaningful coursework at the community college that aligns with their intended major at UNC Charlotte.

Using Transfer Guides

To create an effective transfer plan using the Transfer Guides, students should:

  • Work with an academic advisor at their community college and connect with the university contact listed on each Transfer Guide as questions arise.
  • Ensure they are using the most up-to-date Transfer Guide by reviewing the academic year and revision date published on each Transfer Guide (Transfer Guides are updated annually)

Note: Some information on the Transfer Guides may not apply to students transferring prior to associate degree completion and/or dual-enrolled high school students. These students are encouraged to speak with their community college advisor and intended university for more information and guidance on NCCC course selection.

Below is a key to help students understand the “University Requirement Fulfilled” portion of the Transfer Guide:

  • General Education: Course meets a General Education requirement at the university.
  • Suggested Course: Course could fulfill a major/university requirement and is a good option if available at the community college, but does not need to be taken prior to transferring. Course can be taken upon transferring without impact on the bachelor degree completion timeline.
  • Required Course: Critical course or prerequisite that is required for major/university curriculum and should be taken at community college prior to transferring. If not taken prior to transferring, it could impact student’s admission directly into major, access to other major courses at the university, and/or timeline to bachelor degree completion could be extended at university.
  • Elective: Transfers as elective credit or applies toward the elective portion of bachelor degree at UNC Charlotte.

If the Transfer Guide for your chosen major is not available, please use the Transfer Credit Advisor to choose appropriate coursework.