10 Must-See Spots on Campus

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As a student at UNC Charlotte, the most common question I get from prospective students is “What is your favorite thing about the school?”

While this answer is different based on who you ask, I have put together 10 of my favorite spots on campus that contribute to my life as a 49er.


This place is a must-see to anyone visiting. Not only do you get to see beautiful plants, but there are also some benches, bridges, and small ponds to enjoy.

This is the perfect spot to get some peace and quiet or take some Instagram worthy pictures.

There are also different spots all along both gardens (yes, there’s two) to connect your Eno Hammock and read a book.


The star-quad sits right in front of Halton Arena and behind Atkins library.

You can check out the best view of the Star Quad and the rest of campus from the top floor of the library.

As you walk up, you can see all the way to the Union and if you look down there is a star design on the ground. This area was designed by engineers to produce the BEST echo.

Don’t believe me? Make your way to star quad and whisper “Go Niners” to experience it yourself!

3 – AREA 49

Area 49 is located in Atkins library and is open to all students and faculty.

Here you have access to some of the best technology and can be as creative as you want. Get out of your comfort zone to learn something new by attending a workshop, learn about some great resources, use a 3D printer, and so much more!

They even have a gaming lab where you can meet up with friends and check out games, controllers, and headsets to use in the lab.


This is one of the main places to be on campus! The student union has so much to do including dining, movies, and many study spaces.

For dining, the Union houses one dining hall “Crown Commons,” as well as Starbucks, Wendy’s, Einstein Bro’s Bagels, Bojangles, and Bistro 49.

Not hungry? Check out the book store, the campus salon, Union Station, Norm’s Lounge, and Niner Tech. We also offer an on-campus movie theatre where recently released movies are FREE for students.

5 – E.P.I.C.

Located on the CRI part of campus, the Energy Production & Infrastructure Center, commonly referred to as EPIC sits just above the football field.

Not only can you go in and see the beautiful architecture of the building, but the EPIC Building houses one of the coolest vending machines on campus.

On the lower level, there’s a Smart Market which is a huge vending machine with sandwiches, snacks, and anything you could need for long study sessions.

I definitely recommend visiting EPIC at least once while at UNCC.


UNC Charlotte has a greenway that cuts right through campus.

This is the perfect place for a spring stroll or bike ride.

With beautiful trees and a concrete path, this is the smoothest ride you’ll get. Plus, if you get tired of working out inside, UREC has C.O.R.E. recreation equipment conveniently located adjacent to the on-campus greenway.

All of Niner Nation, from current students to alum, can take time to relax and just enjoy nature.


Arguably what makes UNC Charlotte special is our students!

UNCC houses over 600 student organizations, so no matter what you enjoy you’ll find your perfect match!

One student organization, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) plans activities all across campus.

This includes paintball, classes with professional dancers, trivia, and so much more.

CAB events are year-round and all on campus, so no matter what there’s easy access to something fun happening near you.


After a long stressful day of schoolwork and studying, I like taking time to relax and “smell the roses”.

I can do exactly that in the hammocks found all across campus.

UNC Charlotte has many different areas where students can layout and relax in between classes or on a nice day.

Sometimes I would even go in the middle of the night with my friends and we would look up at the stars and get lost in conversation.


This is one of the best benefits of UNC Charlotte.

Whether you are going to NODA, Uptown, or anywhere in between, this is the perfect way to get there quickly.

No parking fees, no Ubering, making it easy for students. Just hop aboard the train at the campus station with your student ID and you are set!

This is the easiest way to get to an internship Uptown or a nice restaurant with your friends.


UREC is one of the newest and coolest spots on campus.

Students have free access to workout classes, different courts, and even a brand new swimming pool!

There’s over 30,000 sq. feet of dedicated space just for workout equipment.

One cool way to see this new gym and have fun is by participating in log rolling every Monday night.

Our campus has so much to offer for students, faculty, and visitors. I am still finding cool new spots all the time. The people and the campus as a whole is what makes UNC Charlotte feel like home to me.