Scholarships are a great way to help cover the expenses of your education because these do not have to be repaid, they are sometimes referred to as “gift aid” or “free money.”

How to Apply

At Charlotte, it is simple to apply for all university scholarships that are applicable to you using the NinerScholars Portal once you have been admitted.

  • Applying for admission does not automatically qualify you for scholarships. After you have been admitted, you must apply in the NinerScholars portal for scholarship eligibility.

When to Apply

The NinerScholars Portal opens in late October and the deadline for most scholarships for incoming first-year students is Mar. 1.

In addition to university scholarships, we also encourage you to apply for private scholarships.

Tips to Begin Your Search

  • Ask your high school guidance counselors for a list of available scholarships.
  • Ask if scholarships are available at your parents’ or family’s places of employment.
  • Check with your local civic, religious and community organizations.
  • Search for scholarships with companies that offer employment to graduates of your intended program of study.