Pre-Health Majors

Students interested in pursuing a healthcare-related professional degree following their undergraduate program are considered “Pre-Health” students.

In order to reach this goal, the student must complete academic prerequisites and extracurricular requirements to prepare for an application to the professional school. We refer to this as following a “pre-health track”. For example, a student who wants to become a dentist would follow a pre-dental track and would be referred to as a pre-dental student.

Undergraduates must declare a major, but there are no pre-health majors or minors at UNC Charlotte; rather, students follow pre-health “tracks”. Think of a pre-health track as a plan of attack that includes the required and recommended courses for your particular area of healthcare. For instance, a pre-med student selects a major AND also follows a pre-med track; the student has a list of courses to complete for their major, and another list of courses for their pre-med track. The Pre-Health Professions Advising office is available to help students plan their pre-health tracks.

There is no preferred major for pre-health students, and there is no requirement to major in a science. For example, over one-third of students currently entering US medical schools major in something other than science or math; other healthcare professions have similar entrance statistics.

More information about each professional track is available at the links below. We also encourage you to attend Open House where you will have the opportunity to attend a Pre-Health Professions Information Session.

Undergraduate tracks offered: