What are the GPA and SAT/ACT requirements for freshman admission?

  • The middle 50% of our entering freshmen have a weighted GPA of 3.7-4.3 (3.3-3.8 unweighted) at the end of their junior year. In addition, students present an SAT score 1110-1290 and/or a composite ACT score of 22-28. View more details about freshmen admission requirements.

Is there an essay required as a part of the application?

  • Yes, 2022 applicants will be required to respond to one of the essay prompts included in the Common Application for first-year students. Students applying via the Future 49er application or the CFNC application will also be required to submit a response to one of the Common App essay prompts. Additionally, all students are required to answer a question on the application about their specific interest in UNC Charlotte. This is not an additional essay but it is a place to share more about your personal interest in the university and in any areas of study you wish to pursue. 

Do you accept AP test scores?

  • Yes. View the AP exams we accept for credit.

I plan on graduating high school early and want to enroll in UNC Charlotte for the Spring term. Is that possible?

  • Contact the admissions office to speak to an admissions counselor about your options at 704-687-5507.

When should I apply? What are the deadlines?

  • View the Application Notification Timeline on our website. Once students have submitted all the required documents to the admissions office we begin reviewing the application. The chart will help you determine when you are guaranteed to have a decision from the Admissions Office as it relates to the date in which we received all of your information and documents.

Have my transcripts, fee waiver, or SAT/ACT scores been received?

  • To monitor the status of your application and ensure your documents have been received, please log into your Future 49er Portal. Once there, you may review your received application materials. Your Application Status is updated in real-time and provides the quickest means for you to check the status of your application.

How do I submit a fee waiver?

  • Prospective freshmen (current seniors in high school) who are applying with an official ACT, College Board, NACAC, SCOIR or Common App fee waiver must submit their application either through the Common App or the Future 49er Portal. Except during College Application Week, the CFNC application requires payment by credit or debit card, so students must apply through the UNC Charlotte Future 49er application or Common App to use a fee waiver. Fee waivers must be submitted either through the Common App by your counselor or to undergraduate admissions by uploading it to the "Upload Materials" section in your Future 49er Portal.

Can I submit self-reported test scores?

  • Yes. This is optional for 2022. When applying for admission, you may provide self-reported ACT and SAT test scores on your application. You will need to have your official scores sent by the testing agency only if you are admitted and you choose to enroll at UNC Charlotte.

Does it benefit me to submit test scores I took in my Sophomore year?

  • We will consider many factors about your academic background, opportunities, accomplishments and activities - much of which is gathered from your application, transcript, and essay. You can decide to submit standardized test scores if you think they add something of value to our review, or you can choose not to submit them if you want us to focus more intently on your high school record and other supporting documents.

How will SAT or ACT test scores be used in the admission review?

  • Test scores, if submitted, will not be the primary reason for our admission decision; they are considered in context and as supplemental information. Test scores are optional for 2022.

How many transfer credit hours do I have to earn to be admitted as a transfer student?

I am going to enroll in a North Carolina Community College before I transfer to UNC Charlotte. What classes should I take?

  • We recommend taking classes that meet our General Education requirements since all students are required to complete these in order to graduate from UNC Charlotte.

How can I tell if my credits transfer to UNC Charlotte?

When should I apply? What are the deadlines?

  • Please review this schedule for suggested application dates. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to receive a decision once we receive all information required for your application, so it is in your best interest to apply early.

My application has been submitted for a while, when am I going to receive a decision?

  • Once we receive all information required for your application (the application, all transcripts, and application fee have been received) the average review time is approximately 6-8 weeks. During peak periods, review times may increase. After you have applied, we encourage you to take advantage of the Application Status Check on our website through your Future 49er Web Portal to monitor the status of your application. This will give you the most up-to-date status of your application. When your status reflects that a decision has been made, you will receive an official decision letter in the mail within 7-10 days.

How do I send my transcripts?

  • Official transcripts can be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions via:
    • Secured electronic system used by your previous institution. Select UNC Charlotte Admissions or admissions@uncc.edu.
    • Mail: UNC Charlotte; Office of Undergraduate Admissions; 9201 University City Blvd; Charlotte, NC 28223
    • Hand delivery: in a sealed envelope to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions located in Gage Undergraduate Admissions Center

Do you accept CLEP credits?

  • Yes. See which CLEP exams for which we award credit, as well as the required scores.

Now that I have been admitted, how do I let UNC Charlotte know I am coming?

  • Transfer students are not required to confirm their intent to enroll at UNC Charlotte. Your next step in the enrollment process will be to register for SOAR (Student Orientation Advising and Registration).

When will the application become available?

  • The admission application opens every year on August 1st.

Can I pay the application fee with a Fee Waiver?

  • Only prospective freshmen (current seniors in high school) are eligible for approved College Board, ACT, or NACAC fee waivers to cover their application fee.

How do I change the major listed on my application?

  • Please send an email requesting the major change to admissions@uncc.edu(link sends e-mail). Also, please be sure to include your name and date of birth in any email sent to our office. We will gladly review your major change request and notify you of our decision.

I can see that my application has been updated. Does that mean a decision was made?

  • There are a lot of steps that must be completed prior to a decision being made on an application. Thus, you will see several time stamps indicating that your application has been "updated" along the way. Please use these updates as an indication that your application is being processed and not as an indication that a decision has been made. Once a decision has been made your application status will read that "a decision has been made on your application."

I have been accepted to UNC Charlotte previously but did not enroll. Do I need to reapply?

  • Yes, you will need to reapply. Admissions decisions are only valid for the term in which the student originally applied, and we are unable to defer admissions to a later term.

Do I need an appointment to speak with an admissions counselor in person?

  • No appointment is necessary to meet with an admissions representative. You are welcome to visit the admissions office during our office hours. Students are seen on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

I have received educational credits from outside the United States. Do I have to submit those transcripts too?

  • Students who possess transcripts from any country other than the United States must have those transcripts evaluated before the Undergraduate Admissions Office can review the admissions application. This includes high school transcripts and college transcripts. Students with high school transcripts should request a document-by-document evaluation. Students with college transcripts should request a course-by-course evaluation. The evaluation process can be lengthy, so students should plan accordingly. Fees for evaluation services vary by organization. View this list of organizations that offer International Credit Evaluation services.

What is UNC Charlotte's school code for the FAFSA?

  • The Financial Aid code for UNC Charlotte is: 002975.

What kinds of scholarships are offered at UNC Charlotte?

I am listed as an out-of-state student, how do I get my status changed to "in-state"?

What are the requirements for being a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes?

  • The best source of information on the regulations governing the N.C. Residency process can be found on the Residency Determination website.

What kind of on-campus housing options are available?

Where can I find the application for living on campus?

  • The application for housing can be found on the Housing & Residence Life website. Please note that students are not eligible to apply for on-campus housing until they have been admitted to the University.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

Do I have to attend SOAR?

  • Yes. Freshmen and transfer students entering for the fall and spring semesters will not be allowed to register for classes until they have attended SOAR. SOAR is offered in June, July, and August for the fall semester and in November and January for the spring semester.

There is a SOAR hold on my account. How do I get that removed?

  • A SOAR hold will only be removed once you have attended a SOAR program, met with your academic advisor and are allowed to register for classes. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is not able to remove this hold from your account.

How do I register for SOAR?

When is the best time to visit campus?

How do I contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office?

Where do I send my transcripts, test scores, or other application documents?

UNC Charlotte Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
Gage Undergraduate Admissions Center
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223

How much are tuition & fees at UNC Charlotte?

  • Estimated costs of attendance will vary for in-state and out-of-state students. View tuition rates.

I already have health insurance. How can I waive the student insurance requirement?

How do I submit my immunization records?

  • Records should be submitted by using your Online Student Health Portal. Please remember to place your name, date of birth, and student ID number on each page of your records to be uploaded.
  • For all other questions regarding the immunization requirements, please visit our Student Health Center website.

I am having a problem logging in with my NinerNET on My UNC Charlotte. What do I do?

  • You need to establish your NinerNet Account as soon as you get admitted. You will need your UNC Charlotte ID found in your acceptance letter to establish your account. If you are having problems logging into your NinerNet Account, please direct your questions to the Information Technology Services help desk at: 704-687-5500 or refer to the IT Help website.