What is the Passport Program?

Passport is a one year, invitation-only program for first time college students. It is a transfer bridge program that enables students to complete their first year of college coursework at Central Piedmont Community College while utilizing dual academic advising from both institutions to ensure that the first year of coursework is transferable to UNC Charlotte and your specific major.

Why should I choose Passport?

We think you should choose Passport for a number of reasons! First and foremost, our students are our number one priority. We are committed to helping our students be successful in college and in their transition to UNC Charlotte. We offer one-on-one guidance throughout the first year and transfer process to ensure that you will have all the resources available that you may need to be successful.

Are Passport students guaranteed admission to UNC Charlotte after their first year in the program?

Passport students are given priority in the admission review process and are offered admission to UNC Charlotte as long as they have completed 24 transferable credit hours and earned a strong cumulative GPA at CPCC. Students must also meet any additional requirements for their major.

Can I take classes at UNC Charlotte as a Passport Student while enrolled at CPCC?

We offer two sections of the UCOL 1000: College Transition for First Year Students at UNC Charlotte specifically for the Passport students. This course will assist students in creating effective study strategies, focus on career and major exploration, and help students become acclimated to UNC Charlotte. It is a 3 credit hour course and is offered through the Greater Charlotte Consortium Agreement which allows Passport students to enroll in this course at UNC Charlotte tuition-free as long as they are enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) at CPCC. Students will still be required to cover parking and textbook expenses.

Is Housing/Transportation available?

We do not provide housing or transportation for Passport students at UNC Charlotte for the first year. However, once a Passport student transfers to UNC Charlotte we do encourage them to consider living on campus. We will host programming at UNC Charlotte specifically for Passport students during your first year so that you can tour the different housing facilities and chat with UNC Charlotte Housing Ambassadors about their experiences living on campus.

Can Passport students transfer in the Spring 2018?

No, the program is one full year.

What if my student decides to stay at CPCC to either complete some additional courses or earn an Associates degree?

This is fine with us! Each year we have a few students who decide to stay at CPCC for an extra semester or two. At this point, you would need to re-apply to UNC Charlotte for the term you wish to enroll, but you will still have us as a resource to help you along your transfer path.

Can Passport Students participate in athletic teams and student organizations at UNC Charlotte in their first year while at CPCC?

Students who enroll in our UCOL 1000 course will receive a UNC Charlotte student ID and have the ability to participate in intramural sports, sport clubs, and student organizations. Additionally, any Passport student may also participate in the Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band or either the Army or Air Force ROTC programs at UNC Charlotte while in the Passport Program.