Le’Aira Hames

Savannah Powell

As a first-generation college student, as well as a transfer student, UNC Charlotte checked all the right boxes for me. I was able to attend a large and diverse university but still get the small college feel I wanted. Now as an alum of the university, I am excited to show prospective students and their families what makes Niner Nation so unique and feel like a second home.

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Luis Visbal

I started working in the educational field several years ago where I have been guiding students and families through the admissions process. Here at UNC Charlotte students have the opportunity to be part of a great community supported by our faculty and staff members. Our university is strategically located in Charlotte and we are unique in so many ways that our students just can’t believe it! I am proud of UNC Charlotte and I welcome you all to the state’s fastest-growing university!

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Crystal Hogue

I started working in Admissions at my alma mater as a tour guide; there I found joy in encouraging prospective students with the opportunities that come with higher education! UNC Charlotte aligns with my passion for the advancement, retention, and success of students. I hope to provide direct support for prospective students to make the admissions process seamless. What I love about UNC Charlotte is that we offer resources specific to every students’ needs to ensure their success!

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Kaitlyn Kubacki

I started working in the Undergraduate Admissions Office as a work-study student in college and then became a tour guide. Now as an alumnus of UNC Charlotte, there is no greater reward than helping a prospective family become a 49er family.

Having faculty members from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to their students’ success, in addition to our proximity to the city are just a couple of reasons why I love UNC Charlotte! The faculty members at UNC Charlotte bring their invaluable work experience and the latest research in their fields to class each and every day, making the classroom experience enlightening and fun.

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