Paying for College

We are committed to providing the best quality of education at an affordable cost, but understand that determining how to pay for your student’s education can be a daunting task.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid at UNC Charlotte consists of grants, scholarships, loans and student employment. A student applies for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Based on a student’s aid eligibility, the Financial Aid office then determines an aid package which meets the student’s financial need as closely as possible. Also be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions about financial aid for more tips.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is an estimated budget for completing a full-year as a full-time student. This information is beneficial as an average amount of what your family could anticipate your student’s Charlotte expenses being upon enrolling. Current and previous academic years’ cost of attendance can be found here.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & fees are billed by the credit hour and are based on your student’s program campus code, student level and residency. Twelve or more credit hours are considered full-time for undergraduate students. Tuition & fees are subject to change pending legislative approval.

Billing Information

Electronic Billing provides a quick, convenient service and eliminates mailing delays, and is the official means of generating tuition bills to students. Paper bills will not be mailed. Electronic Billing notification, also known as eBill, is the online billing statement that provides students with their University charges. This method of billing means that family members are not able to see a student’s charges unless they are designated as Authorized Users.

Housing & Meal Costs

Housing and Meal costs are determined by where your student decides to live and which of the various meal plans the student chooses. The Housing and Meals estimated cost of $12,800 is based on the average cost for a new freshman living on campus with a meal plan.