Visiting Student Requirements

What is a visiting student?

Visiting students are those who are currently enrolled as degree-seeking students at another institution but who wish to take courses for a term at UNC Charlotte to transfer back to their home institution. Summer terms are also an option for visiting students with a desire to take courses for professional or personal enrichment. Visiting students are non-degree seeking and register on a space-available basis after UNC Charlotte degree-seeking students. The application fee is a processing fee and will not be refunded if the classes you wish to take are full.

The Application

As a visiting student, you must submit a new application for each term you wish to enroll. An application for the summer will allow you to enroll in an open class offered in any of the summer terms for that same year. Visiting students are required to submit transient study forms from their home institution if taking courses in the fall or spring semester. Visiting students are not required to submit transient study forms for the summer. Click here to complete the online application and submit the application fee.


Transcripts are not required unless you want to take a course that requires a prerequisite. In that case, you will need to supply the academic department hosting the course with a transcript proving that you have completed the prerequisite course.


  • Students currently enrolled in high school or under 18 years of age who want to take summer courses are not considered "visiting students," but may be eligible to take classes through the University's Pre-Collegiate Enrichment Program
  • Visiting students can attempt to take up to 18 credit hours.
  • Students who already hold a first bachelor's degree are not eligible to enroll as visiting students at the University. Your options for pursuing studies at UNC Charlotte include earning a second bachelor's degree or taking courses as a post-baccalaureate student from the Graduate School.
  • Visiting students must be in good academic standing at their home institution.
  • Students are eligible to attend UNC Charlotte as a visiting student for the summer semester prior to attending their home school. For example, a student who has been accepted for the Fall semester at their home school but has not yet attended that school may attend UNC Charlotte as a visiting student for the summer terms.

Registering for classes

  • All visiting students register for classes using Banner Self Service available through UNC Charlotte’s student portal (
  • Your NinerNET account logs you in My UNC Charlotte, which allows you to view available class sections, add or drop classes, and view your schedule.  Keep in mind that currently enrolled UNC Charlotte students are given first priority in registration.
  • Once you are logged in to My UNC Charlotte, click the registration icon to begin. More information about class registration is available at
  • If the course for which you intend to enroll has a prerequisite or requires you to be declared as a specific major, then you must contact the instructor for that course to receive authorization to enroll. You may also need to produce a transcript from the school where you completed the prerequisite in order to enroll.
  • A directory list of academic departments and instructors can be found at