Application Timeline

As you apply for admission to UNC Charlotte…

Use this detailed month-by-month timeline to stay on track of multiple UNC Charlotte deadlines. We encourage you to apply early to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Please note that some departments and majors have supplemental applications or auditions. Our admissions counselors are also a great resource in explaining the application process and deadlines. You are welcome to contact our office if you have questions about this timeline.

Prior to August

  • Learn more about UNC Charlotte, explore the website, and plan a visit if you are in the USA.
  • Complete our Inquiry Form to get on our email communication list.
  • Investigate career options. Do you know what you want to major in?
  • If you are transferring from a U.S. institution, you can use our transfer credit advisor to get an idea of how your credits will transfer to UNC Charlotte.
  • Register and complete an English Proficiency test if required for your future UNC Charlotte application.

August – September

  • Complete the UNC Charlotte application for the Spring or Fall Term (Fall Term if applying for Art or Architecture majors).
  • Monitor Future 49er Portal to ensure that all application materials have been received.
  • Like our Facebook page for Future 49ers, follow us on Instagram, and meet other students who are interested in attending UNC Charlotte.



  • November 15 is the deadline to submit your Spring term application.
  • Register for New Student Orientation (NSO) and upload your immunization record if admitted for the Spring Term.
  • Apply for visa for the spring term if needed at your local US embassy (visa processing times may vary).


  • If you are interested in applying for the University Honors Program and/or university scholarships, submit a separate application by December 1 priority deadline.
  • Submit final transcripts or updated credential evaluation to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if entering the university in the Spring Term.
  • Purchase UNC Charlotte Health Insurance or submit a waiver for your own insurance for the Spring Term.
  • Begin preparing for arrival at UNC Charlotte if your classes start in January. Students can arrive in the U.S. 30 days before classes begin.






  • Apply for visa if needed at your local US Embassy (visa processing times may vary).



  • Submit official test scores, final credential evaluation, or final U.S. transcripts if have not submitted them previously.
  • Begin preparing for arrival at UNC Charlotte. Students on F-1 visas can enter the U.S. 30 days before the beginning of classes.