Transfer Equivalency Self Service FAQs

What is the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) tool?

Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) is a tool that prospective undergraduate students can use to see how their transferred courses might contribute to a degree at UNC Charlotte. It is not an official transfer articulation or degree audit.

What is a Degree Audit?

A degree audit shows how completed coursework might contribute toward a degree. TESS displays unofficial mapping of your entered transfer coursework to UNC Charlotte degree programs.

Why are there so many red boxes that say ‘Still Needed’ on the degree audit?

The red boxes on the audit represent coursework or requirements remaining to be completed based on the information you entered about your desired degree and your transfer work.

Why don’t some of my transfer courses count toward a degree at UNC Charlotte?

There are many factors that could influence how your transferred coursework is counted toward UNC Charlotte degree progress, including grades or credits earned, target program, etc. Please contact a transfer admissions counselor for more information.

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to recover a TESS password.

Can I use TESS for graduate studies?

TESS is intended only for undergraduate programs. Graduate transfer courses are evaluated on an individual applicant basis.

What if I do not know which degree, major, minor, and concentration to select?

If you are uncertain as to your intended degree or program at UNC Charlotte, please contact your transfer admissions counselor for guidance.

What does ‘Taken with too many units’ mean?

‘Taken with too many units’ on the results page usually means the credit you entered does not match the credit typically equated here at UNC Charlotte for the course.

What does ‘No mapping found’ mean?

‘No mapping found’ on the results page means we do not yet have an equivalency for that course entry in our database. That does not mean you will not receive credit for the course if you transfer. Please contact your transfer admissions counselor for more information.

What does ‘Did not meet all rules’ mean?

‘Did not meet all rules’ on the results page means the entered course may not count toward the selected degree program. Please contact your transfer admissions counselor for more information.